"It’s not if, but when, a mass shooting happens in your community."

– Mayor Nan Whaley, Dayton OH

When a mass shooting takes place, it falls on our nation’s city leaders to respond. UnitedOnGuns created the Mass Shooting Protocol & Playbook: A Resource for U.S. Mayors and City Managers to support local governments.

The Mass Shooting Protocol is a four-page overview of a mayor’s role during the first 24 hours after a mass shooting. The Mass Shooting Playbook is a resource guide city leaders can use to prepare for, respond to, and help their community recover from a mass shooting. 

The Tabletop Exercise Template is a tool city leaders can use to plan their response to a mass shooting.

Please see upcoming executive briefings on mass shooting preparedness here. Additional preparedness support is available in collaboration with the Center for Homeland Defense and Security. Please contact us for more information.