"It’s not if, but when, a mass shooting happens in your community."

– Mayor Nan Whaley, Dayton OH

When a mass shooting takes place, it falls on our nation’s city leaders to respond. UnitedOnGuns created the Mass Shooting Protocol & Playbook: A Resource for U.S. Mayors and City Managers to support local governments.

The Mass Shooting Protocol is a four-page overview of a mayor’s role during the first 24 hours after a mass shooting. The Mass Shooting Playbook is a toolkit city leaders can use to prepare for, respond to, and help their community recover from a mass shooting. 

Preparedness is crucial. The Tabletop Exercise Template can be used to plan a city's response to a mass shooting.

Please see upcoming briefings on mass shooting preparedness here. Additional preparedness support is available in collaboration with the Center for Homeland Defense and Security.