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12/15/21 Sarah C. Peck and Emily Nink spoke about the Mass Shooting Protocol & Playbook on the ICMA Voices in Local Government Podcast. A blog post is available here and the podcast is available here.

11/18/21 Mayors Against Illegal Guns University Webinar: Sarah C. Peck spoke about the Mass Shooting Protocol & Playbook at a webinar for elected officials, law enforcement, and municipal staff. Coverage by Channel 11 News available here. Webinar recording available on request (visit Contact Us page).

10/26/21 Press release: UnitedOnGuns announces the availability of the Mass Shooting Protocol & Playbook, as well as case briefs and other resources, on its website.

10/15/21 UnitedOnGuns Director Sarah C. Peck introduced the Mass Shooting Protocol & Playbook to law enforcement officials and elected officials at the 5th Annual North American Active Assailant Conference in Troy, Michigan.

10/01/21 Publication of the Mass Shooting Protocol & Playbook: A Resource for U.S. Mayors and City Managers.

9/20/21 After Sandy Hook, She Knew She Had To Do Something About Mass Shootings. News@Northeastern piece covering the development of the Mass Shooting Protocol & Playbook.

6/10/21 Pulse shootings’ lingering trauma must be public-health priority | CommentaryOp-ed arguing for sustained funding for long-term mental health and other services for mass shooting survivors and their families.

5/29/21 Opinion: To reduce risk of mass shootings, prevent suicides. Op-ed urging the nation to do more to reduce suicide, not only to save over 25,000 lives lost to firearm-related suicide, but also to reduce the number of public mass shootings.

4/6/21 Sarah Peck and James Alan Fox: Proposed policy would help mayors respond to a mass shootingOp-ed urging the federal government to offer training and funding for mayors who must respond to a mass shooting.

January 2021 Conference: Public Health Approaches to Protecting Youth from Gun Violence during COVID and Beyond

Conference Part 1: Focus on the increased risk of gun violence in the home during the Covid-19 pandemic. Expert panel: Thea James, MD (BMC), Matt Miller, MD, ScD, MPH (Northeastern University); Margo Lindauer, JD (Director, Domestic Violence Institute, Northeastern University). Recorded 1/14/2021.

Conference Part 2: Focus on the increased risk of gun violence in the public space during the Covid pandemic. Expert panel: James Fox, PhD (Colleges of Social Sciences & Humanities, Northeastern University); Quaniqua Carthan-Love, MSSW, MA (Director of Planning and Programs, Cities United); Robin Cogan, MEd, RN, NCSN (School Nurse, Camden, NJ; author of the Relentless School Nurse blog). Recorded 1/21/21.

Conference Part 3: Focus on concrete actions health care providers can take to protect youth from gun violence. Expert panel: Peter Masiakos, MD and Chana Sacks, MD (Mass General Center for Gun Violence Prevention), MaryBeth Miotto, MD, MPH (pediatrician, Vice President MA Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics), Mary Harvey, PhD (Director, Violence Transformed, Northeastern University), and Kendall Bruce and Lauren Cardoso (MA Department of Public Health officials). Recorded 1/28/21


5/15/20 Research Report: Extreme Risk Protection Orders: Implementation in a Social Justice Context. The report makes recommendations for more effective and equitable implementation of state ERPO laws.


11/20/19 Profiting from protecting kids is wrong. Halt active shooter drills in schools. | OpinionOp-ed advocating against realistic active shooter drills for school children to avoid traumatizing students.

11/17/19 A federal red flag law would save lives … An op-ed urging Congress to pass a national ERPO law that would fund state ERPO laws to temporarily remove guns from people in crisis. The Biden administration has since drafted a model ERPO law for state legislatures.

10/20/19 Guns, Crime and Criminal Justice ReformForum on public health approaches to reduce gun violence.